What are the dates for the 2016 Festival?
May 1-31. CONTACT is an annual festival that occurs every year for the duration of the month of May.

Where does CONTACT take place?
CONTACT exhibitions and installations take place in many different locations across the Greater Toronto Area. 

How do I participate in the Festival?
The Featured Exhibition and Open Exhibition sections of the Festival are open to submissions and registration. For both types, artists or exhibition organizers must find venues in which to exhibit their work. 

Registration will open on our website in early October and will end in December. More information and guidelines will be available at that time.

Does the artist or venue complete the online registration form and pay the fee?
Either artist or venue, not both, can register the exhibition. The artist and venue must decide this between them.

Does my exhibition have to run for the whole month of May?

No, your exhibition does not have to run for the entire month. We require that your exhibition runs through the majority of May. Exhibitions can begin before or after May 1, and end before or after May 31. Note that the CONTACT magazine is published in late April; please consider this if planning an event that takes place prior to May 1.

How does the registration process work for group exhibitions?
One person from the group should be the point of contact for the exhibition, and register using their own email address. Then the process is the same as for registering a solo exhibition. There is a section of the registration form that allows for multiple artist names to be entered.
For magazine listings, if your exhibition has more than 10 artists, only last names will be listed. For exhibitions with 15 artists or more, “group exhibition” will be used instead of names. All artist names will appear in full in the magazine index and website profile.

I have a venue and would like to participate in the Festival. Will CONTACT assign me an artist?
It is the responsibility of the venue to find a photographer and then register as an exhibition with CONTACT. 

I am an artist and would like to participate in the Festival. Will CONTACT assign me a venue? 
It is the responsibility of the artist to secure a venue to exhibit their work in. There are opportunities for artists seeking venues to exhibit with one of the neighbourhood Business Improvement Area (BIA) groups that partner with the festival each year. The BIAs send out calls for submissions in autumn, and match up artists with venues. Please sign up for our e-newsletter to ensure that you receive this information.

Is the text I submit what will appear in the magazine?
Texts are carefully edited by CONTACT. We will contact you if a substantial change must be made. We reserve the right to edit your text as we aim to clearly convey information about each exhibition and establish a consistent editorial standard in our publication. 

Please contact our office if you have any questions about this policy, or are looking for guidance with your text.

How do I become a Featured Exhibition?
To be considered as a Featured Exhibition you must send a proposal to us in November, exact date TBD. The call for submissions will be posted in early October. Proposals are reviewed and juried by CONTACT and decision letters will be sent out in December. 
Please note that you must also follow the same registration process as an Open Exhibition. 

What happens if my show is not selected as a Featured Exhibition?
Your exhibition is still an important part of the festival and will be incuded in the Open Exhibition category.

Can I pay by credit card over the phone or in person?
No, we are not able to process credit card payments. If you would like to pay by credit card, you must do so online through Paypal.

Who do I make the cheque out to?
CONTACT Photography Festival

Can I submit to the Primary Exhibition, Public Installation & Events sections of the festival?
No, submissions are not solicited for these sections of the festival.