Robin Anthony
John Bankes
Jim and Dina Bantis
Cindy and Shon Barnett
Stephen Bulger
Edward Burtynsky
Zita Cobb
Tami and George Cope
Sarah Dinnick and Colin Webster
Phil and Sherry Evershed
Emmanuelle Gattuso
Marcy Gerstein
Richard Griffiths
Robert Harding
Anne and Kevin Kaye
The Kingsway Foundation 
Olga Korper
James Lahey
Andric Ljubodrag
Nancy and Richard Hamm
Mike Harris
Elizabeth Levitt and Adam Herst
Chris McCain
Jim and Sylvia McGovern
Nicholas Metivier
Tom and Sarah Milroy
Gordon and Janet Nixon
Kevin and Linda O’Leary
Jennifer and Lou Pagnutti
Polar Securities Inc.
Penny Rubinoff
Natalka and Todd Sharman
Marvin and Dara Singer
Iouri Stepanov and Ekaterina Belilovsky
The Stonefields Foundation
Howard and Carole Tanenbaum Family Charitable Foundation
Eric Tripp and Maria Smith 
WCPD Foundation
The Webster Foundation
Morden Yolles