Nikon presents a series of informative lectures by professional photographers, who will discuss their inspirations and technical accomplishments behind their images.  The Nikon Professional Services team will offer free cleaning of Nikon products at all four lectures. 

Tony Beck: “The Travelling Naturalist – Through the Lens of a Professional Nature Tour Guide"
Wed May 7, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor Street, Cody Hall - 227 Bloor St E
As a naturalist, birder and photographer, Nikon Ambassador Tony Beck has been guiding people around the world for more than two decades. In this engaging session, Tony will discuss his distinctive approach to wildlife photography, and share innovative field techniques and post-processing tricks.  RSVP:


Michelle Valberg: "Adventure, Landscape, and Wildlife Photography"
Wed May 14, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor St, Cody Hall – 227 Bloor St E
Join Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg as she shares techniques learned from her extensive experience capturing images in extreme conditions – from the wonders of the Arctic to deep underwater with humpback whales. This interesting, engaging session will cover both landscape and wildlife photography. RSVP:


Kristian Bogner: "Capturing Spectacular Travel Images – A Photographic Adventure Through Nepal"
Wed May 21, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor St, Cody Hall – 227 Bloor St E
Nikon Ambassador Kristian Bogner will take you on a visual journey by way of his most recent expedition to Nepal. He will share his inspiring imagery and deep passion for photography, while sharing insights and techniques on how to shoot with confidence and create captivating images on any global adventure. RSVP:


Sam Sciarrino: “Timeless Contemporary Portraits"
Wed May 29, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor St, Cody Hall – 227 Bloor St E
In this seminar, Nikon Ambassador Sam Sciarrino will demonstrate practical techniques to support and enhance your current style, or explore a new one. Wide-angle dynamics will be introduced to create vibrant images with multiple layers of interest, compositional lead-in lines and contemporary flair. Sam will also discuss how to set your work apart, and build your brand in the competitive global market. RSVP: