Photo Contest

The 2015 Grand Prizer winner is Isabel Racine!

  • Isabel Racine
    Isabel Racine
  • Laurie Buckley
    Laurie Buckley
  • Carmen Braun
    Carmen Braun
  • Sandra Laurin
    Sandra Laurin


Congratulations to Sandra Laurin, (week one winner) and Carmen Braun (week two winner) Isabel Racine (week three winner) and Laurie Buckley (week four winner)!

Picture Your World Photo Contest
During CONTACT submit a photograph that reflects each weekly assignment.

Submit your photographs here:

Week 1: Enrich Your World: Show us your perspective on a world that is enriched by colours, or uses vibrant colours to demonstrate artistic expression.

Week 2: Illuminate Your World: Use light in a creative way to picture your world.

Week 3: Explore Your World: Explore the world from inside overlooked architecture, hidden infrastructure or simply unique perspectives of your town, your city or your world.

Week 4:  Share Your World: We share the world with animals and people. Show us who or what has made your world a special place.

A weekly winner – selected by a panel of judges – will receive a Nikon D5500 HD-SLR with 18-55mm VR Lens. The grand prize winner selected by public community voting on the contest website (from June 5 to June 12, 2015) will receive a CONTACT Limited Edition Print by Suzy Lake. 

For complete information visit

Nikon Lectures

  • Tony Beck
    Tony Beck
  • Sam Sciarrino
    Sam Sciarrino
  • Michelle Valberg
    Michelle Valberg
  • Kristian Bogner
    Kristian Bogner

Nikon presents a series of informative seminars by professional photographers, who will discuss their inspirations and the technical accomplishments behind their images.  The Nikon Professional Services team will be on site to offer free cleaning of Nikon products at all four lectures. 

Tony Beck: “The Travelling Naturalist – Through the Lens of a Professional Nature Tour Guide"
Wed May 6, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor Street, Cody Hall - 227 Bloor St E
Tony Beck: "Wildlife Photography - Keeping It Simple"
Wildlife photography can be easy, especially in the modern digital world. Regardless, this specialized aspect of photography remains one of the most challenging. 

This presentation addresses a wide range of challenges including special field techniques, equipment choices and post processing.

 A naturalist, birder and photographer, Nikon Ambassador Tony Beck discusses and demonstrates several tips that will simplify your techniques, and improve the overall impact of your wildlife images. RSVP

Sam Sciarrino: "Lighting on Location"
Wed May 13, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor Street, Cody Hall - 227 Bloor St E
Emotion and sensitivity can be explored more deeply with Nikon Ambassador Sam Sciarrino's soft touch glamour style. Various lighting and composition fundamentals also play an important role in the final image. In this seminar, Sam will demonstrate how to work with lighting in outdoor and indoor locations. This lecture will also feature a live demonstration. RSVP

Michelle Valberg: "Adventure Travel and Wildlife Photography"
Wed May 20, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor Street, Cody Hall - 227 Bloor St E
Join Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg as she shares exciting adventures she experienced while photographing polar bears in Canada's Arctic, swimming with humpback whales in Silver Bank, walking with wild horses on Sable Island as well as capturing Antarctica and South Georgia penguins and other wildlife. RSVP

Kristian Bogner: "Take Your Sports Photography to the Extreme"
Wed May 27, 6:30pm
St. Paul's Bloor Street, Cody Hall - 227 Bloor St E
The secret to any great sports image is capturing the energy in motion at its absolute peak.  From the Olympics to extreme sports to a family soccer game, Nikon Ambassador Kristian Bogner will show you how to take your sports photography to the next level.  Kristian will discuss how to get the most out of your gear. RSVP

Photo Walk

You are invited to join the Nikon Photowalk through Corktown, led by Vistek’s own in-house photographer and Product Manager, Gary Goldberg. It’s not just about meeting new and interesting people. It’s about discovering Toronto’s most fascinating district. Explore Corktown, taking in the new Canary District along with Toronto’s historic Distillery District. Better still, folks from Nikon will have plenty of new cameras and lenses for you to try out.

Registration is full.

For more information and to register, visit


Nikon Scholarships


Nikon Canada is pleased to award three tuition-only scholarships to Canadian University or College students to attend the masterclass. Congratulations to Kristina Smith, Lodoe Laura, and Philip Skoczkowski at  Ryerson University.

A Magnum and CONTACT jury selected qualified applicants based on the merit of their work and their artist statement. Proof of enrollment for the Spring 2015 semester, a letter of recommendation from a professor or photography industry professional, images from a book project in progress and an artist statement were required.


Executive Message

On behalf of Nikon Canada, welcome to the 2015 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival!

Nikon Canada is proud to be the official camera partner of CONTACT 2015. For five years running, we have been committed to the festival as a natural extension of Nikon's longstanding support of Canadian and international photographers who are passionate about creative dialogue and expression through the arts.

Our ongoing mission has been to holistically grow the photography community in Canada, in part through our Nikon Canada Ambassador Program and various local and national partnerships and initiatives. CONTACT plays a huge role in this effort, and 2015 promises to be the best year yet, with well over 1500 artists and photographers exhibiting at more than 175 venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Thank you for being a part of this very special celebration of photographic artistry. We hope your experience and participation at this year's CONTACT is rewarding and aspirational, and that it encourages you to take your passion for photography to new heights.

See you there! 

Michael Finch
President & CEO, Nikon Canada Inc.



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