Week 1: Bing Bai, Never stop running as others can pass you. 

Week 2: Sean Scally, Being part of group is what kept us alive in pre-historic days and facing a hardship together bonds people as a unit this still resonates deep inside our collective soul.

Week 3: Sofie Sharom, Superhero dreams become reality.

Week 4 and Grand Prize winner: Alessandro Cancian, Not a symbol, a landmark, a season makes us Canadian ... it's who we are, what we are and what we stand for that makes us Canadian, no matter where we are, even in the most remote location or far away from what we call home.


Each weekly Identity Photo Contest* winner – selected by a panel of judges – received a Nikon D5300 HD-SLR with 18-55mm VR Lens and a $50 gift certificate from Vistek. The grand prize winner selected by public community voting on the contest website (from June 6 to June 13, 2014) received a CONTACT Limited Edition Print by Andrew Wright (retail value $1,200). 

Visit contactfestivalnikon.ca for complete details.