Peter Berlin, an international gay icon of the 1970s, fetishized his own body in film, photography and everyday life. Best known for starring in Nights in Black Leather and That Boy, two porn films he also wrote and co-directed, his look became an erotic fantasy of stylish perfection portrayed by artists such as Tom of Finland, Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol. He redefined self-portraiture with erotic, painterly photographs, often using double exposures to create multiple images of himself. Always posing, whether cruising the streets or in front of the camera, Berlin remained elusive and aloof, becoming known as the 'gay Greta Garbo.' That Man: Peter Berlin features hundreds of professional and personal photographs, clips from films and home movies, and interviews with the likes of John Waters, Armistead Maupin, Wakefield Poole and Berlin himself, now in his sixties, to look back at the man behind the persona.

Directed by Jim Tushinski (USA, 2005, 80 min)