Something Something

Chris Curreri

Provocative and seductive–Chris Curreri’s images construct new and unexpected relationships between the human form and found objects. He treats his models’ bodies as porous and pliable figures that are deliberately bent and contorted to destabilize the boundary between subject and object. In Curreri’s work, a given entity becomes subject to an act of “queering,” implying that things in the world are not defined by essential properties, but rather by the relationships we establish with them. More specifically, his photographs draw attention to the nature of aesthetic experience, suggesting that effort is required in altering conventional modes of perception.

Model in the Sculptor’s Studio (2010) evokes the classical nude coupled with an element of the surreal. A statuesque figure is folded upon itself and punctured by a void that opens out into the studio space beyond. The props used to stage such photographs invite conscious and unconscious associations: the orifice, the devotional icon, and the cinematic lens. A rich dynamic plays out between Curreri’s deliberately crafted scenes and their straight documentation, in scenarios where the body is a protagonist in a complex study about the act of viewing and the process of artmaking.

Curated by Vanessa Fleet and Kristin Stoesz, and supported by CONTACT and the Museum Studies Program at the University of Toronto.

This exhibition will be closed on Saturday May 28, but will be open on Sunday May 29 and Monday May 30 from 12-4pm.