André Kertész André Kertész in Toronto 1979 – 1982

Corkin Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward
7 Tank House Ln
Apr 28–Jun 10,  2011

To celebrate the 2011 Contact Photography Festival, Corkin Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition of photographs by 20th century master André Kertész. André Kertész was born in 1894 in Budapest, bought his first camera at age 18, and moved to Paris in 1925 where he settled in Montmartre, keeping company with some of the century’s most celebrated artists, including Brancusi, Man Ray and Mondrian. By the time he arrived in New York in 1936, he had already received widespread critical acclaim. His work has been exhibited and collected by museums in Paris, Germany and New York, including the Museum of Modern Art. Initially intending to stay in America for only one year, Kertész remained there until his death in 1985. He is widely recognized as one of the 20th century’s great masters in the art of photography.

This exhibition will include only work from Toronto, where he made several trips between 1978 and 1984. These photographs have not been shown previously as a distinct body of work. Some of the photographs closely document the relation-ship André had with Jane Corkin, while others explore the travels Andre had in and around Toronto, walking or visiting with the artists he admired in the city. “Smoke in Toronto”, was exhibited in Paris in the exhibition “André Kertész”, at the Jeu de Paume which opened fall, 2010. Memorable works Kertész made of the dancer Vanessa Harwood will be exhibited. Many of these vintage works are unique.

Curated by Dr. Stephen Brown