Duckrabbit: Multimedia Storytelling Workshop

918 Bathurst ⁠ not_accessible
918 Bathurst St

Are you part of the next generation of journalists and storytellers? Then join duckrabbit for its first-ever CONTACT event. Learn to harness the power of still images and sound to inspire and engage your audience, with multimedia producer Benjamin Chesterton of duckrabbit, an award-winning digital production company that works with documentary audio, still photography and video to make compelling film and audio narratives.

This workshop will focus on the complete chain of production, from identifying a suitable story, to gathering audio and photos, to editing the final photo-film. In small groups, participants produce a two-minute multimedia feature during this four-day course. To register or for more information, visit

Due to a family emergency the duckrabbit workshop is cancelled. CONTACT and duckrabbit apologize for the inconvenience but look forward to its return next year.