Performance: Patent Pending

918 Bathurst ⁠ not_accessible
918 Bathurst St

Additional performances beginning at 9:30pm and 11pm.

A closely woven collaboration of space, art, composition, and interaction.
Step inside the dark and quirky brain of visual artist Karen Ostrom, where a seamstress sews disembodied heads into shirts, and a glovemaker blows new life into hand-gloves. “Patent Pending” is not just a concert- it’s a full-sensory experience. 918 Bathurst will be transformed by Karen’s video installations, the programmatic sounds of the Spectrum Composers and other tactile elements. The result of a long-term collaborative effort, this event will merge projections, photos, sculpture, animation, composition, and improvisation to create shifting character narratives which unfold in real time. Have a glass of wine, stay for 20 minutes or two hours, walk around, sit still, and generally enjoy the randomness that comes from this meeting of creative minds. 

Conceived by Shannon Graham and presented in partnership with the 918 Bathurst Culture & Arts Centre and CONTACT. To view documentation of the performance go to