Davida Nemeroff Connective Tissues

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888 Dupont St, Unit 103

Connective Tissues is an exhibition by LA based artist Davida Nemeroff. The exhibition accompanies the release of Nemeroff’s first published book of photographs, entitled Muscles (published by Golden Spike Press.) The book is a selection of horse images from an ongoing study of photographs that Nemeroff took on a trip to the small island of Lanai in the summer of 2012.

Influenced by photographers such as Edweard Muybridge, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Lisette Model, Nemeroff explores the possibility of transference within a traditional practice of documentation, depicting a complex relationship between artist and subject that is in turn offered to the viewer. The photographs stem from a limited subjective palette upon which Nemeroff has been elaborating on for the past few years. Her depictions reflect the formal pathology at the centre of modernist photography, the “study of horses”, and the universal drive to explore interspecies perspectives.

Utilizing spontaneous portraiture, Nemeroff embeds a sense of closeness, and isolation in her photographs, as she captures the particular mood of the shoot. This series of works will be elaborated upon by five contributing texts included in Muscles, written by Rachelle Sawatsky, Eve Fowler, Cara Benedetto, Cameron Crone and Mieke Marple.