Elise Rasmussen Fragments of an Imagined Place

Erin Stump Projects ⁠ not_accessible
1558 Dupont St

Fragments of an Imagined Place references the vast and varying histories related to Atlantis: its roots in Plato’s writing, its resurrection in 19th-century conjectural texts, its relation to theosophy, and its influence on conceptual art. As a point of departure, artist Elise Rasmussen re-visits the site of Robert Smithson’s unrealized project, Glass Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island. There, Smithson attempted to create his first permanent earthwork based on his sketch, Map of Broken Glass (Atlantis). Rasmussen weaves together imagery from this and various other Atlantean references in an attempt to discover why Atlantis continues to fascinate and remain relevant today, while also considering this myth as a metaphor for the artistic practice.