James Nizam, Sylvie Bélanger Mnemonic Landscape / [email protected]:30

Birch Contemporary ⁠ accessible_forward
129 Tecumseth St

Birch Contemporary is pleased to present solo exhibitions by Vancouver-based artist James Nizam and Toronto-based artist Sylvie Bélanger. Nizam’s Mnemonic Landscape focuses on the state between presence and absence, and illumination and erasure, tackling the material of “the trace” as it moves into and out of dissolution. New ways to affix the photographic medium to alternative representations emerge, wherein a fragment, artifact, photograph, or sculpture become one and the same. Within this framework, Mnemonic Landscape unveils the photographic possibilities for the still image to activate space.

Sylvie Bélanger’s audio/photographic installation, [email protected]:30, addresses how photography has become a celebration of “visibility” within the technological world of cellphones, social media, and global satellite imaging. For this experimental, site-specific installation, Bélanger uses large-scale photography in conjunction with the surrounding architectural space of the gallery, to the point where the boundary between the “real” and “constructed” becomes almost indistinguishable.