Paul Butler The Collage Party / Semiotics Aside

Division Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward
45 Ernest Ave

In this two-part exhibition, The Collage Party / Semiotics Aside, Paul Butler takes visitors inside his unique studio to share the process behind this new body of collage-based photography. The Collage Party is a touring studio open to the public, where people come together and make art in a social setting. Over the past two decades, Butler has staged The Collage Party throughout North America and Europe, in museums, private residences, public schools, universities, hospitals, department stores, and community centres. Butler considers The Collage Party as his studio, where he is able to draw from participants’ ideas, energies, and more specifically, the scraps they produce.

For Semiotics Aside, Butler has created a body of collage-based Diasec monoprints using the detritus generated from collage-making sessions with guests held in his nomadic studio. Trusting and relying on his instincts, Butler tapped into a meditative state of mind where he focused on creating collages that simply worked visually—semiotics aside.