Julia Hendrickson Under Green Waves

Studio 510 ⁠ accessible_forward
263 Adelaide St
Studio 510

Exploring the relationship between visibility and invisibility, this video installation restages a dance by Susan Green called Untitled Marking 30 years after its first iteration. The choreographer and photographer— mother and daughter—alternate roles while re-performing the dance. They weave a reinterpretation, navigating between subject and observer, teacher and student.

The inspiration for the dance began with Green’s ancestral oral history of a woman whose husband was lost at sea. The choreography explores this history while subtly referencing the posture of a woman on a widow’s walk embodying strength and powerlessness, death and renewal, sadness and joy. The original choreography was forgotten then remembered through VHS documentation.

Under Green Waves references the temporal space between each rendition of the story; the cyclical (dis)appearance of what is just out of reach—the husband, the story, and the dance. As part of Hendrickson’s continuous inquiry into the space between an event and its documentation, the installation asks what happens when something, or someone, becomes invisible.