Group Exhibition #Dysturb

Kensington Market ⁠ accessible_forward
Kensington Market
May 1–31,  2016
  • Hugo Aymar
  • Daniel Berehulak
  • Paula Bronstein
  • Sim Chi-Yin
  • Glenna Gordon
  • Zun Lee
  • Benjamin Lowy
  • Liam Maloney
  • Jake Naughton
  • Ed Ou
  • Renaud Philippe
  • Andrew Quilty
  • David Maurice Smith
  • Luca Sola
  • Christophe Stramba-Badiali
  • Mauricio Susin
  • Emilien Urbano
  • Kadir van Lohuizen
  • Donald Weber
  • Ian Willms

#Dysturb is a collective of freelance photojournalists who take current, international news stories to the streets. Through an emphatic intervention into public space, this network of professionals exposes the general public to global issues by installing large-format photographs guerrilla-style on the walls of city hubs. Co-founded by Pierre Terdjman and Benjamin Girette, #Dysturb first occupied the streets of Paris, and subsequently major cities including New York City and Melbourne. The collective operates independently of the conventions and restrictions of traditional news publishing outlets, and its urban takeovers provide an alternative context to raise awareness and disseminate information about world events.

Presenting recent images by 20 photojournalists from across the globe, #Dysturb’s Toronto iteration makes visible such stories as the Zika virus outbreak in Latin America, the various waves of turmoil in Nigeria, and the fragile social context in Cuba, among others. #Dysturb’s life-size photographic murals, accompanied by explanatory captions, confront passersby and provide unexpected physical encounters with challenging subjects. Reproduced in black and white and printed on thin matte paper that mimics the look and feel of newsprint, the images contrast significantly with the colourful advertising often found in the urban landscape. Installed in the bustling Kensington Market and Chinatown area—a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood where nearly everything happens out in the streets—this project creates a public forum for discussion and engagement with the community. In these publicly accessible locations, photojournalists share images that otherwise might go unnoticed on fast-paced mass media platforms. While low-cost cameras, citizen-generated images, and small media budgets continue to affect the industry, #Dysturb offers an alternative method for circulating personal visual testimonies.

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Organized with The Kensington Market BIA and Studio 223A. Special thanks to 4 Life Natural Foods, 8eleven, Cold Tea, and Kind Supply.