Jonah Samson We’re the Heirs to the Glimmering World

Clint Roenisch Gallery ⁠ not_accessible
190 St. Helens Ave

After fleeing the violence of Europe in 1944, André Breton came to the Gaspé Peninsula and wrote the book Arcanum 17, which used the crumbling beauty of nearby Percé Rock as a metaphor for the indestructibility of life. In light of humankind’s looming efforts to annihilate itself, his book proclaimed the superiority of women, arguing that only feminine ideals would bring peace to the planet, and that ultimately only love and art would allow humanity to flourish. In We’re the Heirs to the Glimmering World, Jonah Samson contemplates the lamentations and vitality of femininity by transforming a series of found photographs and negatives he purchased from eBay, including a series of press images of women crying, and symbolic photographs displayed in both their negative and positive forms. With current world tensions and the rampant surge of misogyny in recent American politics, a call for the rise of the feminine as a path to harmony may be as strong now as it was then.