Group Exhibition 150

TMU Image Arts ⁠ accessible_forward
122 Bond St
May 8–28,  2017
  • Sandro Camilli
  • Sarah Claydon
  • Conor DeVries
  • Talia Eylon
  • Lauren Gilles
  • Tara Hakim
  • Bill Herta
  • Cynthia Johnston
  • Katie Latimer
  • Sara Naimpour
  • Sylvia Nowak
  • Kaveh Partovi
  • Jeremie Warshafsky
  • Peter Watson
  • Winnie Wu

With the celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary in July, a group of 15 artists have chosen to explore the meaning of Canadian identity through the theme “150.” The artists come from diverse backgrounds, allowing for free exploration of identity through the number. Less saturated with association than the words, concepts, and traditions that define the language, a number is pure.