Yasin Osman Dear Ayeeyo

Daniels Spectrum ⁠ accessible_forward
585 Dundas St E

Through portraiture, Yasin Osman shares scenes of everyday life within the villages of Somalia. This exhibition features large-scale photographs of Osman’s intimate portraits and snapshots that offer glimpses into the lives of the Somali people. The child of Somali parents, Osman returned to his ancestral lands in search for an emotional connection. This body of work, compiled together for the first time, showcases his journey home as an outsider, examining this foreign land.

Dear Ayeeyo is intended as a tribute to the photographer’s grandmother. Osman endeavours to draw the viewer into his personal experience of coming to this country—in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, a severe drought, and futile violence—and illuminates its resilient human spirit. His images contest the misconceptions of the media’s destructive images. Osman fosters trust and camaraderie with his subjects, actively engaging with them to create portraits that reflect their strength and perseverance.

This exhibition is sponsored by Artscape and the Daniels Corporation.

Curated by elle alconcel