Marley Abdull, Raine Akiyama-Chen, Anna Arjoon, Alabama Bamford, Kira Bentley, Amanda Blake, Maximum Brauch, Aidan Breit-McNally, Noah Brown, Erica Bruno, Rachel Burns, Andrew Camilleri, Aya Danzig, Jaiden Dalbello, Carlin Elbourne, Ben Elhav, Isabella Ferrer, Hallie Ford, Camila Frater, Jelena Gajdel, Savva Gretzky, Grace Hancock, Joshua Holme, Spencer Julien, Olivia Kerr, Macy Kerrigan, Hayden Lawrence, Temple Marucci-Campbell, Curtis Matysek, Eliza McFarlane, Astrid Mohr, Brooklyn Morris, Liam O’Connor-Savaria, Anais Ordóñez Figueroa, Jamie Pattison, Eny Ross, Daniela Salinas, Maizy Shepherd, Sarah Shepperd, Romi Shraiter, Marina Sotiras, Taylor Storr, Quinn Tabbitt, Alexis Vo, Issie Watson

Through the Etobicoke School of the Arts’ experiential contemporary photography program, students develop a sophisticated art practice while evolving as artists and critical thinkers. They reflect on their own lived experiences and their connections to the human condition in order to make work that is both personal and engaging. Whether their rigorous research includes the dismantling of history and time, seeing intergenerational trauma in the black community, or finding light and hope where there may have been darkness, these young artists take risks, ask questions, and support one another to realize what they want to say through large-scale contemporary art photography.