Film screening with re:assemblage

Trinity Square Video ⁠ accessible_forward
401 Richmond St W, Ste 121

The collaborative curatorial project re:assemblage presents a screening of two artists’ works dealing with issues of migration and immigration.

[Florencia Levy, Argentina, 2015, 8’, colour, video]
Landscape for a person traces a path through different locations into a sequence of images. Places as the backdrop for a story that slips from its possible representation, building an invisible layer of meaning between the image and the story. This video was constructed from material filmed on Google Street View and edited with audio interviews of people who were in conflict of transit or deportation. *Toronto Premiere Previous screenings: Vancouver Latin American Film Festival, Experimenta India, Festival Film Dokumenter (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

[Midi Z, Taiwan/Myanmar, 2011, 84′, colour, video, Chinese and Burmese with English subtitles] *still above
“After decades, Burma holds its first presidential election. Many Burmese living in foreign lands believe that changes will happen soon and it will move towards prosperity. So Xing-hong and Rong decide to return home. However, just a few days before departure during an overtime shift, Rong has an accident. With Rong’s ashes, Xing-hong returns home alone. When he arrives in Burma, Xing-hong finds out that his brother De is about to go to Malaysia to work. Many young people want to leave, but he has always wanted to stay in his hometown to do business. He begins asking around for possible business opportunities, but yet cannot decide which business to engage.

To Xing-hong, Burma seems unfamiliar and distant, because he has left Burma for too long. Consequently, at his own hometown or on a foreign soil, he always feels estranged as if abandoned by time and space. On a blackout night, the smuggling bazaar by the border between Burma and China, the motorcycles roaring into the faint daylight! Through the protagonist Xing-hong, we witness the changes Burma is going through and the true state of existence of its people.” – description by Midi Z.
*Toronto Premiere. Previous screenings: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Busan, Hong Kong, Locarno and Vancouver International Film Festivals.
Film courtesy Seashore Image Production

Presented by Trinity Square video in conjunction with the exhibition BAD STARS by Christina Battle.