Catching Byways Flies

In her series Catching Byways Flies, Lucy Alguire examines Algonquin Woods, a small rustic cottage resort on the outskirts of Muskoka, the former locale of her family home. Memories of adolescence in this Northern lakeside setting are the point of departure for Alguire’s photographs, but it is her reflection on… Read More


The term “extractivism” simultaneously evokes a physical process as well as a mindset, implying a forceful removal and subsequent severing of relations. By intersecting strands of ecology, geology, and performance theory, Groundwork examines how land-based actions can challenge the colonial-capitalist framework of extractivism. Within the scope of Canada’s geography, the… Read More


HEAVY SHINE emerges from an ongoing collaboration between Toronto-based ceramic artist Dianne Lee and New Orleans-based visual artist Robyn LeRoy-Evans. Creating an archive of their own bodies in contact with the specific materials of clay, fabric, and paint, the artists explore how their gendered labour creates a formal language: folds… Read More

Zones of Regulation

Ryerson Artspace presents an exhibition of work by Noga Cadan and Hal Wilsdon reflecting on the politics of space and questioning the power associated with access. Cadan’s work With Eyes Turned East reflects on her homeland, Israel, grappling with her relationship to a landscape that she views as beautiful yet… Read More

A History of Misogyny Chapter Two: On Rape

A critical examination of the prejudices and misconceptions that perpetuate sexual violence Read More

The Double Room

Evoking the daydream languor of inner experiences and an enigmatic, parallel world Read More

Acts of Erasure

Interrogating perceptions of cultural identity, indigeneity, and the notion of the nation-state Read More

A Field Guide to Ideology

A parodic and critical take on internet culture as a complex space of hyperconnectivity Read More

Documents, 1960s – 1970s

An international perspective on documentary practices during a period of profound change Read More

Dawoud Bey, John Edmonds, Wardell Milan

Three generations of African American artists consider how photographs continue to shape Black experiences Read More

Forest On Location

Highlighting landscape as a socially constructed and highly politicized entity Read More


Investigating the way people exercise power through the construction, manipulation, and occupation of space Read More

Future Perfect

Images of an endangered tropical paradise expose the consequences of indifference and denial Read More

Lassen (This Is An Emergency)

Disorienting landscapes that reflect collective anxieties about climate change and environmental challenges Read More

epoch, stage, shell

Appropriating large-scale structures normally used for advertising to challenge preconceptions of beauty Read More

Plastic Ocean

Addressing environmental waste through photographs of elaborate sculptures constructed from discarded plastic Read More

for at least one day, you should continue to breathe clearly

Restoring Indigenous presence to a historical paper mill Read More

I Found A Place

Growing up, multi-media artist Hannah Somers was surrounded by household objects that appeared to represent her family’s relationship to her Trinidadian heritage on her mother’s side. Although this culture was not an integral part of her childhood, Somers held a sense of reverence for these items—engraved drums, tribal… Read More


An exploration of neighbourhood as life grows sharper and more specific. Comprising photos taken at home or within a few blocks, HyperLocal seeks joy in the banal and takes pleasure in daily ritual, expressing tenderness for the Dufferin-Dundas-Dovercourt universe. Beginning as a deep dive into local streets long before lockdown,… Read More

Esoteric Wanderings

This exhibition comprises images taken during Franklin’s wanderings in natural and constructed surroundings. Reflections of tree trunks and buildings evoke magical environments. The laws of physics are put into question. Nature’s mysterious evolution presents optical illusions, and photographic images bear witness to the esoteric qualities that natural surroundings provide. This… Read More


Skeir’s exhibition Facets of Self presents a playful confluence of elements that collectively create one whole, mirroring the way each aspect of one’s personality has a voice. Skeir is an abstract painter and graphic designer whose vibrant paintings and murals can be seen in private and public collections throughout Canada… Read More


Constructions is a collaborative effort between multidisciplinary artists Heidi Conrod and Geneviève Thauvette, presented online by EYE BUY ART. Self-portraits taken by Thauvette are layered with hand-collaged imagery by Conrod. While invoking a sense of nostalgia and a reassuring-yet-eerie familiarity, the works explore notions of self-identity, self-construction, and body objectification. Read More

Arnold Zageris: The Dominion of Ice and Time

Following expeditions to two of the more remote geographies of the globe, Zageris captured the rugged, unforgiving, yet fragile landscapes of Antarctica and Iceland in entirely unretouched photographs. Informed by oft-unseen subjects that evidence the dominion of ice, time, and their geological processes, Zageris’s photographs juxtapose the awe-inspiring grandeur of… Read More

Coffee Confession

Gdyczynski’s digital-composite method borrows from the film-based process of double exposure, with the unpredictable effects that it produces. The method relates to the way the human mind composes memories—often layering new details onto unrelated events. Gdyczynski creates photographic composites by layering images to form a single impression. She is fascinated… Read More

Post Tenebras Lux

Post Tenebras Lux – “light after darkness.” In this fusion of two series, Brasch explores a common theme: the transformative power of light displacing the darkness. Light embodies wisdom, healing, and growth in humanity’s passage from the dark to light ages. In the series… Read More

Elegy for the Souls On Hold

A multimedia installation of photographs, mapping projections, sound, and augmented reality, Elegy for the Souls on Hold celebrates the lives of the many who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the onsite installation, virtual programming includes an artist’s talk and a panel discussion on loss and grieving… Read More


Part collaboration, part studio portrait, Davis’ photos lie at the intersection of the formal and the familial, the public and the private realm. Through these funny, poignant photos, Davis empowers senior citizens to fulfill their long held fantasies, virtually! Her photos express the deep longing of seniors:  either to accomplish… Read More

A Subjective Survey of Humber Bay Park

This series is a product of geographical isolation. Seeing the same scenery again and again, one looks for new ways to see it. Humber Bay Park is represented not as it is, but as it might be perceived. Read More

Growing Pains

Grade 10 Media Arts students at Havergal College use photography to explore the complexities of teenage life in the present day. Faced with uncertainty and change as they navigate the world around them, their visual narratives investigate, question, and present personal expressions. Read More

Spectra Two – Visible or Invisible Cities

Spectra Two – Visible or Invisible Cities is a group exhibition by members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. Curated by Jessica Thalmann, the work meditates on the ways one sees, embodies, and remembers place, often making visible what cannot literally be seen in the urban and natural… Read More

Spectra One

Spectra One brings together new work by innovative members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, in an exhibition presenting a wide variety of photographic concepts. As the name suggests, the work demonstrates the many possibilities open to contemporary photographers and celebrates the diversity of artistic practices, revealing the… Read More

Look Back to Move Forward (Regarder en arrière, pour aller de l’avant)

Look Back to Move Forward is a retrospective celebration of the first 15 years of Le Labo. The year 2020 provided the organization’s staff with an opportunity to look back over all that they have accomplished, to appreciate how far they’ve come, and to dream of the next chapter. The… Read More

ANTHEM: Expressions of Canadian Identity

ANTHEM: Expressions of Canadian Identity showcases works by 15 established printmakers from across Canada, many of whom feature photography prominently in their work. The artists were asked to respond to the words of Canada’s anthem, focusing on the concepts of “home” and “land.” Curator Derek Besant writes: “This exhibition invites… Read More

Altered Images at Hand

Propeller Art Gallery is pleased to present Altered Images at Hand, an exhibition exploring physical manipulation in photographic works. Photography being used as a manipulated element within a greater work has significant historical precedents, and continues to be enthusiastically embraced by artists for the virtually unlimited possibilities. Propeller presents artists’… Read More

An Underwater Escape

An Underwater Escape is a joyful exhibition of underwater photographs of bubbles made by jellyfish. With vivid colours and an exquisite metallic finish, these images inspire and delight. This exhibition is presented in storefront windows and can be safely viewed from the sidewalk. Read More

Community Life

Humans derive a sense of community from people but also from place. The photographic lens allows one to reflect on such moments, of finding oneself engaged within a community. In the context of the current pandemic, the photographers in this exhibition were reminded of the importance of these communities. The… Read More

Raptors Fever

Raptors Fever is a group exhibition that reveals several perspectives on the way the viewing public processes sports victories en masse. Canadians in Toronto responded to the unlikely win of the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 NBA championship with a show of appreciation and civic pride rarely seen in the… Read More

Flower Carpets/Tapetes Floridos

Each year on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, citizens line the streets with carpets made of flowers, which are walked on during religious festival processions. Photographing his own flower carpets for this exhibition, Custodio brings the traditions shared by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins into a contemporary… Read More

Endless Summer

“Attong’s photography captures the cinematic qualities of the summer—golden hour light, leisurely floating atop grass or water, the melancholy of a lost popsicle. The viewer is centred in these photographs, creating the sense that they’re the main character, looking at their surroundings from a slight remove, observing life and people… Read More


In the form of a photographic triptych, globanomics explores the issue of consumption versus sustainability, in regard to global resources. While natural and human resources are plundered, time’s erosion of natural elements ultimately has the final word on progress. It is here, amid this dissolution, that one finds beauty, resilience,… Read More

Bonjour mon amour

Tue–Sat 2–6pm, or by appointment Navigating romantic relationships in the current day takes a very different shape than it has for previous generations. Cornell explores how women maintain control of their experience by engaging memory and intrigue, from a woman’s perspective. This ambitious assemblage of work showcases… Read More

Everything Else in the Universe: A Father-Son Road Trip

Everything Else in the Universe is a photographic exhibition and book culminating from a father-son road trip through Utah and California. Being with family sweetened the journey for the two artists, and the journey refreshed their relationship. Like the redwoods’ roots, the father-son team’s photographs intertwine, support, and complement each… Read More

First Look First

Within daily life are real people who experience injustices regarding their human rights. Unless one makes an effort to pay close attention, one may never notice what the person right in front of them is living through. Featuring 18 photographs, each with its own unique subject, First Look First encourages… Read More


Like the modern world, water can be a relentless and powerful force. When one slows down and pays very close attention, one is reminded of the natural beauty within. Water is a calming antidote that can cure an unsettled or worried mind. Thompson’s abstract images of water straddle a range… Read More

Camera Solo

A camera solo, one with no other purpose, involves a silent pact between human and machine to stop time and to encase a moment “for keeps.” This pact is one of hubris in intent and humility in practice. Shot over years of opportunity, misadventure, and luck, Hartman’s images offer a… Read More

Altered Realities

Observations on the changing nature of connection/disconnection are created by three artists using process-based approaches to investigate aspects of imposed isolation on the psyche, landscapes, and interactions. Claudette Abrams contemplates the cessation of air travel using digitally-extracted negative space. Anthea Baxter-Page mirrors lockdown with vintage Holga images of unpopulated tourist… Read More

Folded Earth

Folded Earth engages and questions humanity’s relationships to nature and technology. McMenemy bridges her studio practice with field work, responding artistically in situ to photographs she makes of her natural surroundings. The photographic source is morphed through spontaneous gesture—is a tree still a tree after details are transformed and placed… Read More


Sando’s work responds to visual artifacts discovered while she photographs storefronts and window displays. Specifically, she looks for representations of change in cultural attitudes around gender, tourism, and the natural sciences. In Nightshades, Sando references the solanacea family of ornamental and medicinal plants, and the shades of hosiery. Working from… Read More

Quiet Overture

The series presented in this exhibition is an overture: a reflection on growth, motherhood, and the unfolding of life through the divine, whole, and innocent offering of the artist’s child-as-mirror. Memories and emotions are stilled in time and layered in experience and nostalgia. Occasionally blurry and often dreamlike, each moment… Read More

Hiding in Plain Sight

In October 2020, the Embassy Cultural House (ECH) presented its inaugural virtual exhibition Hiding in Plain Sight, organized by Ron Benner, inspired by the 2020 book of the same name by St. Louis-based journalist Sarah Kendzior. In her book, Kendzior describes the former US President Donald Trump’s administration as “a… Read More

Limping Forward, Looking Back – Part 2

With Kabelik turning 70 years old in May 2021, this retrospective exhibition offers glimpses into his motion-picture past and his still-photography present. In his films, Kabelik often captured the life and work of well-known photographers. His documentaries Generation ’70, Boris, So Far From Home, and Beautifully Broken are presented in… Read More

Looking Down – Looking In

Viewing hours are 12–5pm. Lurch’s lens-based images reveal the detailed handwork of her sculpted-wire forms, and register the nuanced bends and twists otherwise difficult to see. Further, her photographs re-frame and create tangible interpretations of the abstract ideas of interaction, visibility/invisibility, space, and place. Johns’ Road Art Collection captures the… Read More

Quilted Landscape

Posen is an established photographer constantly searching for new ways to interpret the natural and human-made world. He describes the camera as a fascinated, motionless observer, though recently, the artist has challenged this assumption and experimented with the “camera in motion.” The images that have come from this process are… Read More

The Light You Deserve

The Light You Deserve is a series of colour 35mm photographs taken while passing through Toronto & New York. Hirons frames the illuminated details & pieces that form city landscapes. The familiar subjects seen in the images can be found throughout both city metropolises making the locations appear interchangeable. The outcome brings… Read More

KÉLÉMA – Visions of Brazza / KÉLÉMA – Souvenirs de Brazza

KÉLÉMA – Visions of Brazza / KÉLÉMA – Souvenirs de Brazza is a photo-series presenting themes of identity, connection, and relationship with home. The artist conveys the experience of her 2015 trip back to Congo – Brazzaville. She reveals social reflections on the narrow standards of society and discusses themes… Read More

A Tale of Two Cities

In A Tale of Two Cities, Shaleen Ladha (a.k.a. “SL Snaps”) presents candid street photography in 14 sections that highlight the similarities and differences between the cities of New York and Tokyo. Starting with the artist’s work in Times Square and Shibuya Crossing, the exhibition expands to explore the energy… Read More

Meandering Mood

“es·cap·ism (/əˈskāpˌizəm/) noun : the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” How does one deal with all the chaos in the world? Following the innate human desire to explore and seeking rejuvenation, Ubalde found himself drawn deeper into the… Read More


pandemic explores the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on society around the world. With the virus lurking in unexpected places, its long-term effects will define our generation—fear, paranoia, isolation, economic collapse, and an overwhelming awareness of human vulnerability will resonate for years to come. Read More

Expression II

Fine art photographic works. Read More

Embrace the Self: A Portrait Series

The creative intention behind this series of portraits is self-acceptance. Each image has a textual “tag” that conveys a positive thought on how one can embrace their true self. Humans are the purest form of their selves at birth but as they are influenced by life, they change into socially… Read More

Minimalist Architecture

Minimalist Architecture is an exhibition of minimalist black-and-white fine-art photographs of architectural spaces, illustrating the relationship between the built environment and humanity. Read More

North of Long Tail

This exhibition can be seen outdoors at Artscape Wychwood Barns and online here. North of Long Tail is a documentary series that explores deep, intrinsic, human connections to Lake Erie. During the summer of 2020, Boyd Shafer (in collaboration with the Canadian environmental advocacy organization Environmental Defence)… Read More

Looking at You

When brought face-to-face with a camera, many people ask, “Who is taking my picture, and why?” Children often smile, but many people will look into the lens dispassionately, as if surrendering to the inevitable violation of their privacy. All are asking: “Who are you? This is my life, what is… Read More

FTW – Forever Two Wheels

Deeply immersed in the biker scene, Helm has documented North American motorcycle culture for over 20 years. FTW—Forever Two Wheels showcases these images, highlighting the unique characters, beautiful motorcycles, stunt riders, racers, and celebrity bike-builders that Helm has encountered while riding his Harley across the country to bike rallies and… Read More


The core truth and nature of one’s identity can be represented by the various “selves” one chooses to express, whether consciously or not. The construction of this identity implies the ability to distinguish between self and not-self. In Alterity, Meadows transforms a set of common portraits into a fully integrated… Read More

Regarding Roots

Regarding Roots takes the lush language of plants and sets it against the creative landscapes of three visual artists, resulting in a psychologically provocative and varied discourse about the relationship between plant and person. From Hakim’s personal bond with the bougainvillea plant, to Johnston’s wistful and nostalgic relationship with tulips,… Read More

The Liquid Land

Malaysia was once the largest producer of tin in the world. This exhibition demonstrates how remnants of the tin industry continue to shape the physicality of the country’s urban environments while perpetuating historical patterns in the national psyche. Hoffmann’s and Morris’s images of immense, reclaimed mining landscapes and sacred pewter… Read More

Old World Shoes

When a small business closes after decades in operation, who celebrates what they brought to their community over the years? Moved by this question, Toronto photographer VanderSpek documented some twenty independent shoe and shoe repair stores in Toronto, several of which have closed since he began in late 2017. Images… Read More

RE-TRACE: Post-war Sarajevo 1996 & 2019

McCready photographed post-war Sarajevo in April and May 1996. Amidst the spring blossoms, the ruins, and the newly reopened cafés, people walked everywhere, safely, in what felt like a suspended state of being. They had stopped dying, but they hadn’t started living again. Returning 23 years later, McCready captured a… Read More

Watson Art + Photography

Watson Art + Photography is an ongoing series of digital photographs focused on abstract composition. The images depict urban and industrial sites throughout the Greater Toronto Area, manipulated to resemble paintings through generative art techniques applied with digital post-production tools. Investigating forgotten sites and surfaces often considered to be blemishes… Read More

The 2020/21 Chang School Photography Exhibition

The twentieth annual Chang School Photography Exhibition, organized by Joël Bénard, is a juried show representing a selection of outstanding work by students in Ryerson University’s Continuing Education visual studies courses – including Photography Studies, Film Studies, Image Arts, and Digital… Read More


It is the year 2021 and two decades have passed since the turn of the new millennium and the horrific happenings of 9/11. The world is different from what was once known. Segers is in possession of more than enough photographs to print, repeat, and build new imagery. The accumulation… Read More

Love and Lovers in the Garden

Love and Lovers in the Garden is a photo essay depicting flowers that have been used to express various forms of love. The ephemeral quality of flowers is inspirational. Algieri-Goldgrub creates images that tell a story, trigger emotions, and allow viewers to explore their own interpretations. Her goal is for… Read More

For All The “I Love You’s”, We Forgot To Say

Shot in Abruzzo, Italy in the abandoned village of Frattura Vecchia devastated by an earthquake in 1915, this series documents how the histories of migration to escape the poverty and hardships of central and southern Italian towns are deeply felt to this day. Focusing on the resilience of remote rural… Read More

City Spirits

There is magic in the streets. Within the images in this exhibition, people are transformed into spirits and take centre stage in scenes from another world. Faces are altered, transforming people into mythical creatures, silhouettes are mutated into strange shapes and forms, and shadows provoke fear and awe. Subjects in… Read More

Montrose Ave (South)

There is a charm to the residential streets tucked off of the main streets of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. Running northward from the north end of Trinity Bellwoods Park in Little Portugal to College Street in Little Italy is Montrose Avenue (south), the street where Dorjé lives, and the heart of his… Read More

Time Lost

Time Lost pulls back the curtain on some of the more private scenes and experiences of the current moment, in the context of a global pandemic. Where people once had no time, they now get lost in their internal worlds, indulging in certain things while being deprived of others. Featuring… Read More

Maximum Exposure 2021

Maximum Exposure is the annual capstone exhibition for Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, home to the country largest and oldest photography program. The online exhibition features innovative work by 200+ emerging artists working in photography, video, and digital media. In addition to the online exhibition, this year’s Max Ex… Read More

Dot by dot like a baby gazelle

This exhibition is by appointment only; click here to book. In “Ain El Karma”, a song originally written and performed in the early 1900s, poet and singer Aissa Djarmouni connects the act of tattooing to the North African land he wrote of, describing the puncturing of the… Read More

Kali Yuga

Toronto-based artist Tasman Richardson’s Kali Yuga is an audiovisual experience that takes viewers through an immersive psychological journey—they are invited to navigate the exhibition’s dark pathways relying only on the video works to light their way. Incorporating analogue monitors and digital projections, six maximalist media pieces are carefully arranged in… Read More

Street View

Michael Wolf’s four series Paris Street View, Manhattan Street View, Street View Portraits, and A Series of Unfortunate Events each question the practice of surveillance and its implications for photographers working in the public realm. In Paris Street View, the first of these series, Wolf mounted his camera on a… Read More

Lowland: Beside the Rising Tide

Canadian photographer and filmmaker Jason van Bruggen’s Lowland looks at the Dutch historical and cultural response to rising sea levels, at a moment when nations across the world are imagining complex hydro-engineering responses to rising water for the first time. The artist’s recent journeys to his ancestral homeland are informed… Read More

She Has Something To Say

Bringing together works by Lois Andison, Barbara Steinman, and Katherine Takpannie, She Has Something to Say celebrates the power of women’s voices, underscoring the global need for awareness, advocacy, and change on various fronts. With an imposing yet graceful presence, Montréal-based Barbara Steinman’s oversized diptych L’Ecoute II (1998/2021)… Read More

Christina Leslie: The Album

In response to the transient quality of photography, curator and historian Jennifer Blessing has claimed that “every photograph becomes a memorial to the past.” Inspired by this sentiment, Pickering-based artist Christina Leslie created a new body of work exploring the question of how to memorialize the past when few images… Read More

Still – Living Through Cancer and COVID

For this solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Max Dean, the animatronic figures from Ontario Place’s decommissioned Wilderness Adventure Ride have provided us with this exhibition statement: Hi again, CONTACT. Like we mentioned in our last letter, things have recently taken a more serious turn. Max has been dealing with prostate… Read More


What does it mean to derive pleasure from the always-complicated performance of gender and sexuality? To sometimes revel in the artifice of glamour, beauty and excess? Exploring the messy ways women, queer, and trans people paint, poke, and primp themselves, the group exhibition Adorned considers and respects the materiality and… Read More

The well is deep, you can never fill it

Toronto-based artist Blair Swann interrogates visual archives in an attempt to reread and disrupt colonial narratives inherent in image circulation. Found photographs are the basis of his work which draws from sources including advertising, photojournalism, movies, television, magazines, newspapers, Youtube, Reddit, and stock photography. Often employing the same… Read More

Every Step on Queen Street West & Every Ramp on Queen Street West

Seemingly insignificant architectural elements such as a small inclined plane or a single step influence human behaviour, determining where a person can go and how they move through the city. As such, ramps and steps are connected not only to immediate physical access, but also to broader and less evident… Read More

Fire and Dust

What happens to the artifacts of the civilized world when they no longer serve a purpose? Are they burned to the ground or left to collect dust? The year 2020 was simultaneously a period of great upheaval and of unprecedented stagnation for the billions of people who call earth home. Read More

The Advantages of Tender Loving Care

Originally presented virtually in May 2021, this project will be projected on the side of the Weston GO/UP Station from 7:15 pm–10:15 pm nightly. Examining aspects of reciprocal care, Keeling seeks to understand how people form connections with each other and with nature, and how they capture and cherish memories… Read More


As viewed through the lens of the graduating class, GRADWORK highlights diverse perceptions of the conceptual, technical, and aesthetic possibilities of photography as a professional medium. Alongside a virtual showcase, the work of the 2021 graduates can be seen on 10 outdoor street-level billboards in the Bloor Street W, Dundas… Read More

The Distance of an Echo

“In Isabel M. Martínez’s new body of photographic work, spectral shapes hover against ambiguous churns of gold and blue. Again, my mind rushes to analogy—each is like the halo of a solar eclipse, the cool aura of neon, the afterburn of light behind my eyelids—all turns of phrase that gesture… Read More

Still—Your Bubble

A fully automated portrait studio captures COVID social bubbles for posterity Read More

Gods Among Us

Documenting the unconventional places where newcomers gather to build spiritual, social, and economic connections Read More

Botanica Colossi

Large-scale images highlight the embedded complexities of everyday plant life Read More

Civil Disobedience

Exploring key tensions in Black male culture across space and time Read More

Is Love a Synonym for Abolition?

A collaborative project that aims to disrupt the structural silence of Black oppression Read More

Siren III

Immersing viewers in an underwater journey that references migratory rites of passage Read More

Scotiabank Photography Award

Investigating the body, the socio-political, and the spiritual within realms of Indigenous beauty Read More

Slide | Lecture

Revisiting obsolete slide collections to expose their problematic methods of representation Read More


Experiencing the everyday challenges faced by military personnel in the Arctic Read More

We Buy Gold

LGBTQ+ artists foreground the longings and contradictions of their queer realities Read More

Jupiter in Aries, Moon in Virgo

Two video works draw from intimate familial connections to consider complex social questions Read More


About half of Canada is permafrost, and it’s thawing almost a century earlier than predicted. It is the foundation of Arctic ecosystems, and in the last ten years thawing and “permafrost slumps’’ have started to dramatically change the landscape. This multimedia exhibit investigates how permafrost is being transformed in the… Read More


Collapsing sensations of belonging and uprootedness through layers of landscapes from near and far Read More

Woman with book / Woman with snake

Collage-based murals that confront and dismantle historically destructive forces against Black women Read More

Play Public

An interactive playscape brings archival images of an iconic fairground into a contemporary context Read More

The Brotherhood FUBU (For Us, By Us)

A large-scale installation empowers representations of intimacy and vulnerability in Black male relationships Read More

Calico & Camouflage: Assemble!

Activating a populous urban centre with Indigenous signs of protest Read More

Figure as Index

Deepening community ties through a participatory approach to group photography Read More


Jamii has partnered with the Journal Collective to present LOOKS LIKE US, a 27-photo exhibition displayed in three locations along David Crombie Park in April and May 2021, and curated by 13 young women of The Esplanade community, under the artistic leadership of Gillian Mapp and Isorine Marc. “The way… Read More

For Jimmy

A declaration of love from Jeff Bierk to his collaborator, Jimmy James Evans Read More


Challenging the imprint of colonial history on the land by demounting contested figures Read More

Force Field

Reimagining a colonial military site as a place of peaceful inclusivity Read More

A Mobile Landscape

Documenting the fluctuating landscape of an extensive revitalization project Read More


Generating a new sublime from interventions into the archives of Canadian landscape painting Read More

New Generation Photography Award

Six award-winning emerging photographers convey a broad range of social and personal explorations Read More

Movers and Makers

Black diaspora artists respond to this moment of extraordinary cultural, social, political, and artistic shifts Read More

if they saw me, i would live

Portraits that forge connections to a Kenyan community and their everyday experiences Read More


After moving from Guelph to Toronto, and graduating in 1980 with a BFA from York University, Robert Flack (1957-1993) joined the staff at Art Metropole and assisted General Idea with a variety of projects including layouts for FILE megazine. During this period Flack developed his practice in drawing and photography… Read More

Every Action Tethered

In the posthumous survey exhibition History Glamour Magic, mounted in 2012 at the Art Gallery of York University, the hand-stitched reconstructed underwear works of Will Munro (1975-2010) were suspended overhead, clothesline-style and heraldic, to help celebrate the too-short life of an artist who forged alliances across so many communities… Read More


Addressing the problematic histories of film archives left behind by two abandoned institutions Read More

In an Archipelago

A billboard project and exhibition focus on the transitory and ephemeral aspects of narrative events Read More

The Prefix Prize

The inaugural winner of a new annual prize explores the transformative power of marine phenomena Read More

12 Seasons

Comber’s photo-based practice is informed by her prolonged exposure and personal intimacy with the wild environment around her home. Through a refined process of photo deconstruction and manipulation, her most recent series, 12 Seasons, furthers her focused interest to study, witness, and articulate the profound intricacies of the wilderness. The… Read More

Footprints Erased: Sudbury’s Story of Environmental Hope

At times the environmental devastation humankind has wrought on the planet seems overwhelming. Fifty years ago, the people, governments and mining companies in Sudbury recognized that, no matter how afflicted their environment was, it was not beyond repair. Sudbury is a beacon of hope, an example to the world that… Read More

Text Me

On view Wed–Sat, 11am–6pm, or by appointment by contacting 416 931 0299 or This body of work comes from Orenstein’s interest in the symbiotic relationship between words and photography. He observes that when text and photographic image are joined or juxtaposed they form a different message than… Read More

From Boys to Men: The Road to Healing

Anthony Gebrehiwot is a Scarborough-based artist and community leader, whose creative lens re-visions photography as an ongoing dialogue of social change between subject and society. In his work, Gebrehiwot seeks to communicate without language in an intimate and vulnerable way. His latest series, From Boys To Men: The Road To… Read More


Before COVID-19 shut the world down, Reece travelled to Jamaica in January 2020 to discover the parts of the island that her father knew best. During their week-long road trip, she witnessed rapid development before her very eyes: A highway obliterating livelihoods; foot-trodden paths replaced by new… Read More

Living In A Material World

Recording the fabric of clothing and other related materials, Fuhr examines the relationship with textiles of dress, coalescing the geographic anatomy of the clothing we wear each day. This series of works traces the steps of a garment’s lifespan through a process of investigation following the factory creation. Balanced… Read More

Nowing: a political history of the present

Nowing is an exhibition of photographs and sculptures that work across time to find, examine, and name “political histories of the present” and imagine how we might contend with these histories today. Caring for each other in the wake of unwavering grief and fear, caused both by COVID-19… Read More


Young things chomp at the bit. Young things don’t play by the law. Young things in their beds are afraid of the closet. Young things see tricks, antipodes, skin that shows all the wear. Trembling grey tits on a plate slip from outside to in. Every breast size in the… Read More

Lucha Libre: Fate or Destiny

In this documentary photography project, Figueroa captures the many masked faces of lucha libre wrestlers inside and outside of the ring in Mexico City.  Like the subjects he captures, Figueroa sometimes needs to jump into the ring, pushing himself over his own physical limits to obtain… Read More

On The Fence

The past year has been a long and difficult time for everyone in the city. With this year’s exhibition from the West Toronto Photography Group (WTPG), four very talented photographers delve into many facets of Toronto’s communities, sharing perspectives, stories, and love in their images. WTPG’s curatorial aim is to… Read More

The Shoebox Collection

Steven Fistell’s father Irving eagerly recorded his new and growing family with the giddy optimism of a young man and all the world before him. Yet, they are not simply typical family snapshots, but rather fully realized works of art that could pass for a master class on aesthetic and… Read More


For CONTACT 2021, Photographers Without Borders asked their members to “reimagine”—to reimagine the past, present and future, and to imagine new destinations and horizons. Reimagine a new future for the world. For each other. As storytellers, we are not simply passive actors; we have a hand in shaping the future. Read More

A Passage

shell will be open on Wed, Nov 3, 6:30-8:30pm, Sat, Nov 6, 7-9pm, and by appointment. Email to schedule a visit. In their moving-image– and installation-based practice, Pejvak, the Toronto-based artist duo of Felix Kalmenson and Rouzbeh Akhbari, consider how global capitalism affects land, culture, and movement… Read More

Photography Is Hard

This exhibition brings together works that bear evidence of their making: a photograph is rephotographed, a camera part ends up in the frame, a subject is illuminated by an artificial flash, collaged images reveal artifice through their construction. But in an exhibition that is seemingly about the mechanics of a… Read More

Illuminated Perspectives

Illuminated Perspectives is an exhibition that portrays Pikangikum First Nation and its spectacular beauty. The photographs capture the essence of northern wildlife and the people who live there. These photographs are much more powerful than just a series of images; they are a statement of culture, heritage, pride, and community. Read More