Evelyn Bencicova Cure

Alison Milne Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward
134 Osler St

Evelyn Bencicova’s Cure is an amalgamation of two recent bodies of work: Alice, and Artificial Tears. Both stem from personal experience, the artist having grown up in post-Soviet Slovakia. Alice is a self-reflective project inspired by early diary entries—both a plea to see and to be seen. The character “Alice” finds herself in a perfectly sterile world, where all traces of a painful past are forcefully erased. Each image in Artificial Tears depicts a moment of uncertainty and alienation within the ordinary performance of a mundane act. Each offers a glimpse of the second when the pattern is broken and the meaning (or the meaninglessness) of one’s actions is revealed. Bencicova intertwines a set of large-scale prints with a virtual reality (VR) artwork in collaboration with Arielle Esther (sound) and Joris Demnard (VR production) to create a multi-layered experience connecting the physical installation with its virtual counterpart.

Characterized by meticulously controlled compositions and an aesthetic sterility, Bencicova’s evocative imagery presents narratives that blur the lines between reality, memory, and imagination. Her disturbingly beautiful visual language with its washed-out colour palette, set within curiously symbolic environments, allows for a deep exploration of the psychological construction of society and the self.