Megan Moore Specimens

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward
72 Queen St
Civic Centre

Specimens is a photographic series that attempts to materialize memory while contending with its fragility. Working with images from her personal archive, Megan Moore uses a gel-like substance evoking bodily fluids to pull ink from the image’s surface. Once unfixed from the page, the image begins to shift and transform—the surface cracks and pulls apart, bends, and contracts. Each step of Moore’s process, followed with scientific precision, produces an alchemical effect that abstracts and manipulates the original content, creating new forms of expression. The ephemeral image is then rescanned at high resolution and enlarged, capturing each fissure and crease with exacting detail, while simultaneously revealing the process of its creation. The instability of the images suggests a fluid understanding of history and memory, subject to change and contradictory impressions.