Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart Animal Logic

Henderson Lee Gallery ⁠ not_accessible
55 Sudbury Street

From worms to swans, this exhibition celebrates and reflects upon the animals that contribute to and depend upon human-made landscapes in the 21st century. With Animal Logic, Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart explores how human history runs parallel to mass animal migrations and the resettlement of various species. The artist uses self-portraiture to reflect on her relationship to the animals and environments that surround her in day-to-day life. A newcomer to the Greater Toronto Area in 2018, Szkabarnicki-Stuart began exploring the city’s sometimes overlooked flora and fauna in order to learn more about its history. Working with both wild and domesticated animals through photography, the artist conveys the present moment in human history from an unusual vantage point. Animal Logic offers a fresh look on this history by reflecting on the animals who have accompanied humanity on its journey through time.