Group Exhibition Salonsdale: Rebel Lens

Lonsdale Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward
410 Spadina Rd

What makes an experimental photograph so provocative? It has the power to transform a simple scene into something more meaningful and compelling through the creative intervention of the artist. Highlighting works that alter or enhance light and shadow, include paint or thread, or use an unconventional substrate, this large-scale, immersive exhibition surveys the present socio-cultural landscape, and encourages a dialogue regarding the future of experimental photography in contemporary art.

The exhibition’s salon-style installation, with its nearly 200 experimental photographs, forms a dynamic multivalent network, drawing visual and conceptual connections between the works. It conveys the current climate of image making as a pluralist, interconnected web, in which artists draw inspiration from life, reinterpreting it to express bold new artistic visions of the world around them. Constellations of photographs become a metaphor for the current climate of a globalized visual culture, evincing the rich and engaging photographic practices taking place across the globe today.