Shellie Zhang Abundance

Patel Gallery ⁠ not_accessible
1151 Queen St E

Abundance is a new project featuring sculptural, photographic, and installation-based works. The exhibition is a cyclical reflection on two actions: the artist’s relatives bringing her pieces of cut fruit in her youth, and her leaving fruit offerings at their graves. The project features different arrangements of both real and artificial fruits and vegetables displayed in bowls from the artist’s home and collection of family heirlooms. These serve as a metaphor for the dreams and labour that extends across oceans and generations. Combining visual cues from imagery of plentiful fruit in produce advertisements, still-life paintings, bowls of decorative produce displayed in restaurants, offerings at shrines/temples, and the tradition of gifting fruit, Abundance looks at how we connect to the spiritual and natural world through the objects that we imbue with meaning.