Group Exhibition Hiding in Plain Sight

  • Jessie Amery
  • Ron Benner
  • Andreas Buchwaldt
  • Carole Condé
  • Karl Beveridge
  • Stan Denniston
  • Michael Fernandes
  • Wyn Geleynse
  • Alberto Gomez
  • Dot Tuer
  • Jamelie Hassan
  • Fern Helfand
  • S F Ho
  • Suzy Lake
  • Patrick Mahon
  • Shelley Niro
  • Troy Ouellette
  • June Pak
  • Jayce Salloum
  • Roland Schubert
  • Zainub Verjee
  • Paul Walde

In October 2020, the Embassy Cultural House (ECH) presented its inaugural virtual exhibition Hiding in Plain Sight, organized by Ron Benner, inspired by the 2020 book of the same name by St. Louis-based journalist Sarah Kendzior. In her book, Kendzior describes the former US President Donald Trump’s administration as “a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government.” For the 2021 CONTACT Festival, ECH is proud to highlight the digital, photo-based, and photo-related artworks from this exhibition.

Curated by Andreas Buchwaldt and Olivia Mossuto