Irving Fistell, Steven Fistell The Shoebox Collection

Miles Nadal JCC ⁠ accessible_forward
750 Spadina Ave
May 1–31,  2021

Steven Fistell’s father Irving eagerly recorded his new and growing family with the giddy optimism of a young man and all the world before him. Yet, they are not simply typical family snapshots, but rather fully realized works of art that could pass for a master class on aesthetic and historic documentation. These uniquely stunning images from the 1950s, originally stored in shoeboxes and first displayed at the Harbourfront Photo Passage Gallery in 1997, will challenge common assumptions of what a family photo can truly be.

This atypical family album includes whimsical, romantic, and intimate moments, lovingly captured on black-and-white film, rediscovered in the digital age. Framed and masterfully reprinted, these photos have been taken out of the shoebox once again.