The Journal Collective LOOKS LIKE US

David Crombie Park ⁠ accessible_forward
131 The Esplanade
Apr 3–May 31,  2021
  • Serra Akcan
  • Alyson Aliano
  • Iman Al-Dabbagh
  • Andrea Hernández Briceño
  • Erica Canepa
  • Analía Cid
  • Rehab Eldalil
  • Asmaa Gamal
  • Mariceu Erthal García
  • Morena Pérez Joachin
  • DeLovie Kwagala
  • Samyukta Lakshmi
  • Nyimas Laula
  • Liliana Merizalde
  • Tahila Mintz
  • Oksana Parafeniuk
  • Anja Matthes
  • Ranita Roy
  • Gaia Squarci
  • Irina Unruh
  • Danielle Villasana
  • Clara Vannucci

Jamii has partnered with the Journal Collective to present LOOKS LIKE US, a 27-photo exhibition displayed in three locations along David Crombie Park in April and May 2021, and curated by 13 young women of The Esplanade community, under the artistic leadership of Gillian Mapp and Isorine Marc.

“The way one views the world is the way we all create bonds. This exhibition is an opportunity for us, a group of 13 young women, to share our different perspectives, with you. By providing a window onto the world through these photographs, we are creating a platform to express our different experiences of the pandemic, to relate to one another, to talk about emotions, to let go and release, and to understand that even though COVID-19 has affected many countries – and the world at large – the impact it had on individuals was very different. We hope that “caring” for one another is a sentiment that will transpire through this exhibition.” – by the group of young women who curated this exhibition.

Curated by Abigail MacDonald, Aela Kuria, Afnan Yakot, Alina Khurram, Elizabeth Afeworki, Gennavive Marshall, Helena Maragos, Huda Mourad, Karen Lam, Mysha Khurram, Raecheal Goddard, Ruthmarie Williams, Sophia Leopold-Muresan

Curation facilitated by Gillian Mapp and Isorine Marc

Project coordination by Marta Iwanek

Supported by the Government of Ontario