Margit Lukcás & Persijn Broersen
On “Mastering Bambi”


Video, 6:50 min. 2020.

Amsterdam-based artists Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács reveal their process in this video captured in their studio, illuminating themes in the work Mastering Bambi (2010), part of their upcoming solo exhibition Forest on Location at A Space Gallery. Thematically concerned with the depiction of landscape and our relationship to it, the exhibition has a deepened resonance because of COVID-19 and the way it has heightened urgency in finding strategies for interrogating fantasies and assumptions around land, nature, and origins. Formally playing with the illusion of depth, an engagement with Broersen and Lukács’ work also unhinges our sense of certainty in regards to the socially constructed and highly politicized ways of viewing landscape and nature.