Dzesika Devic The Covid Rolls

The Drake Hotel ⁠ accessible_forward
1150 Queen Street W
May 1,  2022–May 1,  2023

The start of lockdown brought kids home from school, while people bought bouquets of flowers and dodged each other on sidewalks. Shops were closed, and there was a great sense of “empty” on the streets of Toronto.

Dzesika Devic’s work found a new focus: exploring the tangible and abstract of this intriguing, yet strange, alternate world. This series, shot entirely on film, shows singular people in empty vicinities, provoking a sense of eeriness and intimacy in the age of Covid-19.

Unable to get physically close to other people, Devic shifted to using a 90mm lens to capture the dynamics of small interactions (or lack thereof) that become amplified by their context. Experience Devic’s sense of disconnect with the city as she explored it not as a resident, but as a curious traveler.