Group Exhibition On the Fence 2022

stackt ⁠ accessible_forward
28 Bathurst St
Artscape Weston Commons ⁠ accessible_forward
Mextrolinx fence at 34 John St
May 14–Jun 24
  • Masha Alikhani
  • Anais Are
  • Stephanie Avery
  • Paco Baeza
  • Harsh Bhatt
  • Kristy Boyce
  • Lawrence Bridges
  • Larry Carroll
  • Alino Giraldi
  • Monica Gupta
  • Elsa Hashemi
  • Alex Usquiano
  • Dan La
  • Chris Langley
  • Kalmplex
  • Joanna Katchutas and Christina Spina
  • Lisa Marie Kruchak
  • Julia Nathanson
  • Cathleen MacDonald
  • William Mazuera
  • Dwayne Morgan
  • Natalie Pardue
  • German Prieto
  • Terence Reeves
  • Lori Ryerson
  • Alejandro Silva Cortes
  • Kimberly Simmons
  • Kuldeep Singh
  • Dave Smith
  • Yvonne Stanley
  • Oliver Tsuji
  • Karen Weiler
  • Josef Wolaczyk

Connected: We currently live in a time of true disconnection and separation from each other. The past few years we have all spent far less time with people in our lives than we are accustomed to. Technology that is supposed to keep us connected is actually disconnecting us from nature, from ourselves, and from others. What can we do to help ourselves reconnect with our planet, our neighbours and ourselves in 2022?

Curated by Phil Sutherland, Leah Denbok and Adam Weitner

Created in partnership with Street Art Toronto