Group Exhibition Seeing Evergreen

David Crombie Park ⁠ accessible_forward
131 The Esplanade
Apr 2–Jun 30,  2022

Seeing Evergreen offered 12 participating older adults the opportunity to connect with local youth and share their story through a series of one-on-one conversations.

The youth, through Jamii’s Laini (mentoring young women in leadership) initiative, were invited to design and create an exhibition of portraits that encapsulates the stories of older adults’ in the community through creative writing and photography. The youth worked hand-in-hand with photographer Ana Maria Higuera to create a stunning exhibition.

Facilitation: Ana Maria Higuera and Maysam Abu Khreibeh
Photography: Ana Maria Higuera
​Project Management: Maysam Abu Khreibeh
Project Direction: Isorine Marc
Graphic design: Iris Unlu
Illustrations: Juliana Bandeira ​

Presented by Jamii