Tobi Asmoucha After Refuge

Gallery 44 ⁠ accessible_forward
401 Richmond St W, Ste 120
Apr 15–May 28,  2022

As the daughter of a Jewish Iraqi refugee from the 1950s who eventually made Canada his home, Asmouch is interested in what happens after the drama of the exodus. This drives her to document the lives that have been built in a new country. How does the move to Canada change the individual’s perspective and possibilities? Asmoucha strives to show what happens after refuge is granted. This ongoing project investigates what comes through the difficult paths people took to build an almost unimaginable future in Canada.

The artist wants to put a face on what happens when you allow people in need of refuge into this country, and how the collective culture evolves. Once one leaves somewhere that changes them, who they are evolves and adapts, creating new ideas and futures that are unexpected and worth documenting.

This exhibition can be seen in the Members Gallery.