Gerry Pisarzowski G44: Introduction to Palladium/Platinum Printing

Gallery 44 ⁠ accessible_forward
401 Richmond St W, Ste 120

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$250 (G44 members) / $275 (non-members)

Of all forms of photo-art, platinum/palladium prints are considered to be the most luminous, enduring and rare. Nothing else looks or lasts like a platinum/palladium image.  Its ethereal luminosity and three-dimensional appearance is due to its enormous tonal scale.  The primary goal of the workshop is to learn the palladium print-making process and how to overcome basic problems encountered in doing so.

Heavy emphasis will be placed on hands-on printing by participants of their own negatives to learn and practice the coating and printing process. As a result, the workshop is limited to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure that all those attending have adequate one-on-one instruction. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have developed the necessary skills to continue printing on their own.

Instructor Bio
Gerald Pisarzowski works with film cameras and enjoys the abstract quality of black & white images. Pisarzowski has had a number of solo and group exhibitions in galleries in Canada, the United States and Europe. His work is included in several public galleries as well as corporate and private collections.

Pisarzowski received his formal education at the University of Toronto. His photographic training came through a variety of formal and informal venues. Mostly however he is self-taught. Pisarzowski has been making hand-coated platinum prints of his own images as well as those of others for over 30 years.