Hot Docs: Gabor

Isabel Bader Theatre ⁠ accessible_forward
93 Charles St W

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Directed by Joannie Lafrenière, 101 min

In this quirky, feel-good portrait, Joannie Lafrenière—an accomplished photographer herself—playfully captures her friendship with the 93-year-old social documentary photographer Gabor Szilasi. In a series of encounters, Lafrenière accompanies Gabor as he revisits the places, past and present, that have shaped him. From his home in Montreal, they travel to rural Quebec, a region Gabor photographed extensively in the 50s and where he created some of his most memorable portraits.

Originally from Hungary, Gabor has drawn lively inspiration from his adopted home, capturing subjects as diverse as the art happenings of Montreal to the daily lives of agricultural farmers. In the tradition of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Paul Strand, Gabor’s work stands apart in its touching humanism. With remarkable candour and kindness, Gabor provides insights into his process while sharing valuable lessons on how to grow old with elegance and dignity.

Presented in partnership with Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival