Sweet Immortality

Douglas Clark

The exhibition of approximately 40 works surveys Clark's early photographs, Streeters & Interiors, the impulse for the documentary in Travel Panoramas: Japan-China, the GIO series, and his highly lauded exhibition, Articles of Faith, inspired by found objects and unusual articles. In this work Clark's collecting passion is expressed in large totemic photo-assemblages that hold compelling kinships to curiosity cabinets. His accompanying book, extended the concept with a text narrative that brings to the images a persistent and haunting visual grammar. Clark's many passions, expressed materially and conceptually, embodied his highly charged intellectual energy, and throughout his career his imagination, humour and determined research culminated into many insightful curatorial projects. Curated by Michael Mitchell, with a video edited by Vid Ingelevics and Tina Oehmsen Clark. Exhibition supported by Edward Burtynsky/Toronto Image Works; publication by Duncan McLean/Waddington's and John Whyte/Borealis Strategic.

Curated by Michael Mitchell