Urban Photographs

Michael Awad- Toronto, Petra Karadimas - Berlin

The photographs of Michael Awad and Petra Karadimas address themes of contemporary urban living in aesthetically and technically innovative ways. Michael Awad captures the motion of streets in Toronto, New York and Venice, while leaving static elements unrecorded. Petra Karadimas captures moments in the life of Berlin, after the “actors” have come and gone. Both artists employ unique techniques that give their respective photographs a painterly touch. These two very different bodies of work interact to form a challenging dialogue. On the one hand, both artists address questions of the character of a specific city, its history, the relationships between architecture, nature and the people; and on the other hand, they address abstract considerations of authenticity and fiction, time and space, movement and the static, i.e. a broad range of thematic, technical and aesthetic possibilities inherent in the photographic medium itself.

Curated by Doina Popescu