Wedge Presents Jurgen Schadeberg: The Black and White Fifties in South Africa

Jurgen Schadeberg

In a career spanning over half a century, Jurgen Schadeberg has become much more than a visual storyteller. He arrived in South Africa from war torn Berlin in 1950 and his unique position as an outsider allowed him access to both the black and white communities of the era. A prolific photographer and filmmaker, he captured the rise of the freedom movement, apartheid repression and the vibrancy of township life and culture. He was responsible for creating a photography department at Drum Magazine and training a number of talented and successful black photographers. Schadeberg’s photographs focus on key social, cultural and political events and personalities in South Africa's turbulent history and the prevalent cultural and political chasms that dominated there. Curated by Kenneth Montague.

Schadeberg’s film on photojournalist Ernest Cole will be screened at NFB Cinema on May 15.