Chad Gerth, Lori Newdick

Chad Gerth Phono, Candy Wrappers Lori Newdick Felonious, Heroine

Chad Gerth and Lori Newdick are two young Canadian artists who communicate the inherent flexibility of the photographic message. Common subjects are examined in such a way that the true nature of the photograph is put into question.

Lori Newdick’s Felonious, a six-foot panel that displays three sequential images of blurred hands in motion exposes the inability of photographic portraiture to replace the aura and physical presence of the subject. In Heroine, Newdick travels between the world of fiction and reality in a personal exploration of sexual identity.

In Phono, a series depicting record tables using time-lapse photography, Gerth explores the veracity of sound, memory, time, movement and surface in photographic representation. In Candy Wrappers, the artist observes and dissects a collection of wrappers, highlighting the transformation from the tree-dimensional world to the two-dimensional surface which is so integral to the photographic process.

Curated by Corkin Shopland Gallery