David Byrne - Evil Art and Good Advertising

David Byrne

Like his music, David Byrne’s photography is often described as elevating the mundane or the banal to the level of art. He creates icons out of everyday images and finds the sacred in the profane. Linking word and image, The New Sins, Byrne’s installation of photographs in transit shelters along Queen St W, are what we often mistakenly consider virtues.

David Byrne was born in Scotland and resides in New York. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1970’s and actively exhibits his artwork internationally. His most recent book is Envisioning Emotional Epistemological Information (Steidl / Pace/MacGill) and he is represented by Pace/MacGill Gallery, NYC. In addition to his solo music career, Byrne's highly influential group Talking Heads redefined notions of what was possible in popular music, setting new standards for lyrical acuity, musical variety and – in films and videos that Byrne himself often directed – visual inventiveness.