James Mollison

Over the span of four years, British photographer James Mollison photographed 50 great apes, in sanctuaries, primarily in Africa and Indonesia after their parents were illegally poached. The portraits are a moving and powerful argument for their protection, and reveal their human-like personalities and emotions. An installation of 15 photographs from the series is exhibited at Osgoode subway station, calling into question the dividing-line between 'man' and 'animal'.

Born in 1973 in Kenya, Mollison has lived in Venice Italy since 1998, working with Fabrica, Benetton’s creative laboratory. His photography for Benetton includes their 2001 campaign in support of the United Nations’ Year of the Volunteer, and the 2002 campaign in support of the World Food Programme (for which he was also Creative Editor of Hunger, a Colors supplement). He continues to work with Fabrica on campaigns, contributing to Colors Magazine, The United Nations Refugee Agency, The World Health Organization, i-D Magazine, The Guardian, Arena, Amica and El Pais, among others, and on personal projects.