Fabulous Photographic Fakes: Truth/ Falsehood

Philip Mastromatteo, Shomaila Najam, Raquel Sandova, Michelle Beck, Carlos Avlos, Marsha Rose, Joanna Binkowska, David Rivait, Daniel Kempffer, Vicky Ramnarine, Ekta Baria, Shomaila Najam, Melony DuClos, Christine Gilhooly, Jandry Cedano, Florencia Delalonde

Inspired by the results of a York University course in historic painting taught by Barbara Dodge and Srebrenka Zeskowski, Jeff Nolte has for years assigned students a project to recreate a classic a photograph through careful study. By copying the “way of seeing” of the masters the students learn in the spirit of the 19thC academies. ..........................“In the end, there is a much to learn by following as there is by leading.” Gary Michael Dault.

Curated by Jeff Nolte