IDENTITY: Capturing a Vision, Finding a Voice

Katherine Moore, Brenda Perry-Torres, Katherine Meyer, Andrea Kwong, Tara Key, Alyssa Jongsma, Natalie Greggain, Tracy Godwin, Jocelyn Burke, Alexandra Alguire, Maya Guttmann-Slater, Sydney Badger, Sophie Welsman

Working with traditional black-and-white photography, a diverse group of young women explore their emerging identity and envision future possibilities. Glimpse the wide ranging interests and aspirations of girls in The Bishop Strachan School's photography class of 04/05. Revealing images suggest who they are now and who they might be after their final graduation. The show continues at The Bishop Strachan School, 298 Lonsdale Rd. May 12 - 31, M - F 9:30 - 4:00. P: 416-483-4325

Curated by teacher - Marilyn Westlake