Victims Lost in War

Roger Lemoyne

Photojournalist Roger Lemoyne travels to the world's trouble spots to document moments in history. Since 1995, LeMoyne has spent at least six months of every year photographing abroad in places such as the Congo, Kabul and Kosovo. He has followed Hutu refugees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Talibans in Kabul. He has experienced the chaos of Kosovo.

LeMoyne’s goal is to illustrate the truth through his photographs which often function as a vehicle to convey the horrific effects of warfare on children and their families. His photographs displayed on billboards at the intersection of Richmond and Spadina tap into fundamental emotions and speak eloquently of loss and displacement. One depicts hundreds of Kosovo Albanians deported during the NATO bombings, while the other taken in Kashmir, is a photograph of a missing boy held in the palm of his father’s hand.

Roger LeMoyne graduated from Concordia University's film program in 1984. He has received many honors, including awards from the World Press Foundation and the National Press Photographers in the United States. His work has been exhibited regularly in Canada and in the United States, and at the Perpignan annual photojournalism festival in southern France.

Two billboards - 10 ft x 20 ft & 16 x 12 ft