Dying to Tell the Story & War Photographers

DYING TO TELL THE STORY Directed by Kyra Thompson; Turner Original/Creative Visions Foundation (USA, 1997, 90 min)

In 1993, 22-year-old Reuters photographer Dan Eldon was stoned to death by a Somalian mob while on assignment. In this Emmy-nominated film, his sister Amy Eldon searches for the reasons photojournalists defy danger to do their job. She interviews British broadcaster Martin Bell, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, war photographer Don McCullin and others to better understand their personal and professional drive.

WAR PHOTOGRAPHERS Directed and produced by Greg Kelly and Eric Foss; CBC News: Sunday (Canada, 2005, 10 min)

Combat photographers shape our consciousness of war. This powerful extract from a documentary-in-the-making conveys the intense, sometimes profoundly conflicted relationship they have with their work.

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