Ernest Cole & Hansel Mieth

ERNEST COLE Directed by Jurgen Schadeberg (South Africa, 1999, 52 min)

Ernest Cole (1940-90) was the first photojournalist to expose South Africa’s apartheid system. Risking imprisonment, Cole printed his images in national publications before attracting worldwide attention with the book, House of Bondage. Published in 1967, the book was banned in South Africa a year after Cole became a permanent exile. Weaving rare video footage of Cole with contemporary interviews of family and associates, Schadeberg’s film tells the story of a courageous artist who changed society.

HANSEL MIETH: VAGABOND PHOTOGRAPHER Directed and produced by Nancy Schiesari (USA, 2003, 53 min)

Hansel Mieth (1909-98) was a pioneering photojournalist who chronicled America’s underclass in the mid-20th century. As a poor German immigrant during the Depression, Mieth photographed America’s migrant workers and later documented the Japanese-American internment camps. She rose to become a celebrated Life magazine staff photographer (the second woman to occupy the position), but remains largely undiscovered today.

Filmmaker in attendance