ALISON JACKSON Produced by Howard Brull & Jennifer Randall; Fashion TV (Canada, 2004, 5 min)

British artist Alison Jackson is well known for creating scandalous images of the rich and famous, including Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and Osama bin Laden.

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT LILLIAN Directed and photographed by Sarah Moon; Link Productions (USA, 2002, 27 min)

Moon pays tribute to Lillian Bassman, whose career as a fashion photographer spanned two decades starting with Harpers Bazaar in the late-forties. Through archival footage, family interviews and photos, Moon captures the elegance and depth of Bassman’s work.

LOU REED Produced by Howard Brull & Keren Jackman; Fashion TV (Canada, 2004, 4 min)

Former guitarist and songwriter of The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed unveils his photographs in a New York gallery – yet ironically avoids the camera.

LEONARD NIMOY Produced by Howard Brull and Jennifer Randall; Fashion TV (Canada, 2003, 6 min)

Best known as Star Trek’s Spock, Nimoy is now making headlines for his controversial photographs mixing Judaism with nudity.

MARIO TESTINO: DIANA’S FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHER Directed by Louise Hooper; Art Partner (UK, 2002, 48 min)

Well-paced, imaginatively edited and meticulously researched, Hooper’s Mario Testino is a compelling look at one of the world’s most-celebrated fashion photographers. His subjects include Kate Moss, Tom Ford, Christian Lacroix, and above all, Princes Diana. This film reveals the years Testino struggled to find his trademark-style of high glamour.