Other People's Pictures & The Lomo Camera

OTHER PEOPLE’S PICTURES Directed by Lorca Shepperd and Cabot Philbrick; Available Light Productions (USA, 2004, 53 min)

Other People’s Pictures examines the little-known world of vintage-snapshot collectors who routinely comb piles of old photos at flea markets and pay hundreds of dollars for a single image of people they never knew and will never meet. Why do they buy other people’s family photos? The answers vary, but all are driven by the excitement of the hunt and the mystique of discovering someone else’s forgotten photos.

THE LOMO CAMERA: SHOOT BEFORE YOU THINK Directed by Alex Graham; BBC (UK, 2003, 60 min)

Shoot Before You Think explores the cult of the Lomo Kompakt Automat. The camera was cheap, easy to use, and given its unique lens, produced garishly coloured, yet amazingly fresh images. At one time virtually obsolete, passionate fans are now found across the globe. This film charts Lomo’s current popularity and illustrates the pure joy of making pictures.