Un Etat des lieux

Bruno Rosier

In 1992, Bruno Rosier found twenty-five prints dated from 1937 to 1953 in a flea market, showing the same person posing alone in front of famous landmarks all over the world. This discovery was the starting point for a photographic odyssey that was also intended as an exploration of self- representation and the artistic process. Rosier decided to follow this man's footsteps (only his initials, R.T. are known), in order to re-create the same shots half a century laster he dressed and posed in accord with the original photographs. The fifty prints in this exhibition are twin images of such tourist meccas as the Egyptian Pyramids, Niagara Falls and Acropolis of Athens. Through these self-protraits, Rosier disturbs the viewer by exploring an individual's singular identity which ultimately ends up disappearing amid the banality of everyday life and images.

Co-sponsored by the Consulate General of France in Toronto. The exhibition will be closed from May 27 to June 13.