Joan Fontcuberta

Award-winning Barcelona-based photographer Fontcuberta presents two new bodies of digital work. In Googlegrams, mosaics of culturally charged images are created from smaller, conceptually related snapshots culled via Google image searches. Penny-sized portraits of the richest men and women in the world are pieced together into a mosaic depicting a homeless man; the iconic image of a detainee tortured at Abu Ghraib is cobbled together out of images of public officials involved in the scandal. In Landscapes without Memory, Fontcuberta co-opts a different piece of software, one originally designed to turn 2-D information – photographs or satellite imagery – into three-D landscapes. Using it, Fontcuberta tranforms masterworks by Turner, Cézanne, Dalí, Stieglitz and Weston into mountains, rivers, valleys and clouds. The vocabulary of art thus becomes that of cartography.

Film screening: F for Fontcuberta on May 14 – see films